Agriculture drones

Modern farming methods involve pest protection, crop scouting for secure, high yield, and high-quality crops.

Drones help farmers optimize the use of seeds, fertilizers, water, and pesticides more efficiently.

Some areas where drones have made real progress are:-

Monitoring water coverage &irrigation

Ensuring that water coverage is sufficient and humidity levels are maintained are very important for certain types of crops. Improvised irrigation techniques can be developed when a map of the field is generated and its soil type is identified.

Precision spraying activities

Drones can be used to identify parts of the field attacked by insects and use precision spraying over the contaminated area only.

Seed planting and forestry

Drones can be used for seed dropping in arid areas to improve tree cover while simultaneously monitoring the growth or loss of effective foliage. This is extremely useful for forest department authorities to take steps against deforestation and illegal activities.

Monitoring soil quality

Aerial photographs can be integrated with software that use techniques to determine the soil type, chemical content, water holding capacity, and types of minerals present.