Drone Data Processing

Drone data is processed using the technique called Digital Photogrammetry. Data, as obtained from the drone, is often in the form of images or videos that are to be organized and processed in order to obtain meaningful information.

The essential steps however include-

Ortho Rectification involves adjustment of aerial imagery for optical distortions and apparent changes in the position of ground objects caused by the perspective of the sensor view angle and ground terrain. This is done by aligning the image with predetermined ground points or fixed reference images.

Geographical information systems (GIS software) use techniques such as DEM, DTM, and DSM modeling that use a grid-based approach to model the elevations, terrains, and surfaces respectively.

2D/3D Feature Extraction is another feature that proves very useful.GIS and CAD modeling software can be used to extract and recreate 3D models from 2D images.