Firefighting Drones

An eye in the sky is very beneficial to identify hot spots and direct firefighters with better information and efficiency. Drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras can work even in low visibility conditions.

Drones equipped with spotlights can allow nighttime visibility during a fire or natural disaster, allowing firefighters to quickly and effectively scout out dangerous fires, observe and monitor the surrounding area, guide and warn people to safety.

Situational awareness using drones provides multiple perspectives leading to better decision making and customized allocation of resources and personnel during rescue operations.

Multitype fire fighting

Drones can be equipped with a range of chemical extinguishers for fighting different classes and types of fire. They can also be equipped with water hoses connected to a fire truck or fire small-sized pellets containing extinguishing agents.

Closer approach

Drones made using heat-resistant materials can be maneuvered very close to the source. Isolation and extinguishing of the source can help decrease the spread and provide faster results.

Fast and effective allocation

Fire personnel is limited in speed and number; drones can pinpoint the source of fire and provide alternative and safer approach routes.