Medical Drones

Instant medical aid where and when required can save countless lives. Ensuring that blood, vaccines, snakebite serum, and medical supplies reach the destination can be very helpful during times of outbreaks, accidents, rescue operations, and countless other situations.

Field medical units and emergency responders also require consistent replenishment of supplies to remain safe and effective in the field.

Drones can bridge the gap between first aid and first response team. Drone delivery makes it possible to courier needed supplies to remote areas in harsh weather and navigate disaster areas without risk. Modern drones are outfitted to carry out organ deliveries with the least risk and shortest time over long distances.

Expediting Transport

Transplantation of an organ as early as possible is critical in terms of its usability. Drones can cut transportation time drastically while protecting its vitality.

Deliver essential supplies

Drones could also deliver emergency medical supplies to areas hit by communicable diseases, disaster areas, and other areas where access is limited. Medical personnel on the field require continuous replenishment of supplies.

Semi-Automated external defibrillators

Automated external defibrillators (AED) can be delivered by drones to the scene much before emergency medical services arrive, this provides access to a doctor or medical professional present at the location to offer immediate assistance.