Public safety drones

Public protection and personnel safety are ensured when drones come into play. Police departments utilize drones for crowd monitoring and control, facial recognition, and tracking of anti-social elements.

Object tracking for search and rescue operations. Crime scene recreation and accident scene recreation are enhanced using drone-based imagery.

Crime scene investigation

Recording of crime scenes can help police recreate the scene and observe details from angles they might have otherwise missed. Drones with object tracking and geotagging capabilities can help better analyze crime.

Search and rescue

Time is of the essence when dealing with search and rescue operations. Drones can help greatly decrease the search area, provide oversight for coordination of teams and pinpoint locations and directions increasing the odds in favor.

Traffic management

Drones can view accident areas overcrowded junctions and provide guidance for traffic flow. Gridlocks can be prevented by studying traffic patterns. Drones provide a closer and more flexible view as compared to CCTV cameras.

Crowd management

Political rallies, business events, religious events, and music fests often attract a lot of people and are difficult to keep track of if the situation escalates. Drones can greatly decrease the manpower required for crowd monitoring. Personnel can be deployed only in areas where necessary.