Renewable energy

With the rapid growth in the adaptation of renewable energy resources, their maintenance needs also need to be met with equal care.

Regular inspections can help in determining the condition of assets, help plan maintenance schedule, prepare warranty claims and insurance, improve the life of blades, minimize manpower, identify issues early on preventing unnecessary costs and catastrophic turbine failures in the future.

Wind Turbine inspection

Wind Turbine Inspection is traditionally done by visual means using binoculars or physically climbing up to the turbine.

In case of defect testing of blades for Dents, Cracks, Delimitation, Gel-coat degradation, Paint peel-off, Lightning Strike damage, Lightning Receptor damage, the entire blade has to be dismounted and moved to a testing facility

Solar panel inspection

Traditional solar panel inspections involve a manual check of modules using thermal imaging. This method is time-consuming and requires manpower and may halt operations.

Drone can be pre-programmed to fly over specific areas in calculated paths equipped with thermal imaging to allow for capture of data.Analysis of these images allows for efficiency checks,crack detection and other defects.