Drone Pilot Training Program

Go Beyond and hone your pilot skills by harnessing our meritorious drone pilot training program to fulfill your drone dreams. Uncover your potential, and let's celebrate the quest of drones together!

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UAVs are fast becoming integrated with our day-to-day lives. Hobby flying for fun and photography or professional piloting requires a proper understanding of the functioning of drones and their maintenance. Improper usage can not only invite penalties from controlling agencies and police but also more importantly lead to loss of life and property. The development of drone skills is essential and only be achieved through proper training.

We provide classes and organize workshops for individuals, institutions, and industry personnel. Our training program covers all-around training in every aspect related to drones and a customized approach for each individual.

The training is provided under the following categories-

Entusiasts :

  • Introductiin to UAV'S.
  • Building your own UAV.
  • Simulator experience.
  • Drone maintenance training.

Professional :

  • Introduction and simulator-based training.
  • Custom software usage and analysis.
  • DGCA Guidelines and certification.

Invest your experience in numerous projects across different sectors.

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