Roads and railway tracks need to be maintained regularly. Conventional methods are time-consuming and require a huge workforce for monitoring and maintenance.

Drones provide the only alternative for regular checks without disruption of services. Software-based image processing for cracks and fault detection is increasingly being used to monitor roads and railway lines.

Calculating geometric dimensions for roads and railway structures:-

Analysis of site data with high accuracy to determine dimensions, material requirement, and cost estimates during engineering design and laying process. Gauge and width determination for roads and railway tracks can be done by the image analysis software.

Track Maintainance

Drones can follow tracks for the determination of cracks or breakaway of tracks, faults in switches, and issues in overhead electrical lines. All issues can be addressed without disruption of services.

Resource management

The laying of new roads can be a time-consuming and high-cost process. Drones decrease costs by identifying damaged roads and help ease the laying process and cut unnecessary costs. Drones can carry sensor-based equipment to inaccessible areas of bridges and other structures and prevent unnecessary risks.