Oil and gas is a industry incurring high costs in initialization,maintenance and transportation phases.

Oil and Gas

Drones can help optimize resource allocation and track oil spills, leakages, assessment of structural integrity of pipelines, and monitoring of hazardous waste and byproducts. Offshore Rig inspections, flare stack inspections platform, pipeline inspections by regulatory bodies as well as companies can be regularized for better time and personnel management.

Safety concerns

The safety of personnel especially on offshore rigs and other remote areas can be easily monitored. Delivery of supplies, medical aid as well as risk assessment before deployment of manpower can be established using drones.

Electric line maintenance

Power line inspection is necessary every few years. Since the power lines run over multiple terrains and take a laborious approach using current methods, a very cheap and time-effective alternate solution can be found in drones.

Mapping of lines

Electrical network mapping by drone allows the inspection of thousands of kilometers of electrical lines in order to optimize and regularize inspections.


Drones can be customized i.e.; long-range UAVs can cover large distances for visual inspections whereas quadcopters can e utilized for spot inspections, testing, and repairs.

Efficient and safe

It provides a safe alternative without posing any risk to life. Drones can be the first to reach the site of concern and visual inspection can be carried out to provide a basic idea and nature of the problem to the follow-up team.